Blakes 7

239 – Blakes 7 – Voice from the Past

Even in the future, they still have outrageous French accents!

Ben and Eugene discuss the time when Blake heard a voice from the past on the next episode of Blakes 7: Voice from the Past


One thought on “239 – Blakes 7 – Voice from the Past”

  1. A solid ‘Meh’, but a fun episode, more for its unintentionally humorous parts than any design.

    + Blake’s crazy-eyed Space Madness! I love the clearly psychotic Blake explaining the conspiracy to Vila and demanding to be untied. You’re right about the disappointing writing for Vila, he’s not the equal of Avon or Cally, but he’s supposed to have some cunning, some street-smarts.

    + Avon’s enthusiastic judo chop on Blake, when Blake’s therapy session goes wrong, always gets a laugh from me. A missed opportunity for an Avon quip about how long he’s wanted to do that.

    + Panto-Travis is back! This time he’s doing a third-rate ventriloquist voice. I kept waiting for Shivan to ask for a “gottle o’ geer”.

    + How can Shivan/Travis see? His right eye is bandaged over. An obvious glass eye pokes out of the bandages on his left (I want it to be a googly eye). Even if the glass eye somehow transmits light, Travis’ eyepatch sits behind it. There’s often been mention of his cybernetic arm, but no suggestion of a bionic eye.

    + The appearance of Servalan on the screen in the conference hall is a great device. I can still feel my heart sinking into my stomach from when I saw this in the 70’s. The impact is almost immediately ruined by Travis – who has won – who has control of the Liberator – throwing it all away to teleport down to shoot Blake in person.

    Solo-Travis is rubbish. He needs some Mutos or Crimmos to lend him some menace.

    + The most important moment is Blake’s realisation that, so far, the Liberator crew have achieved very little in their battle with the Federation.

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