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246 – Space 1999 – Black Sun

The Alphans encounter a giant, black hole in space, so it must obviously be a back sun!  Worse still, the moon is plunging directly into it!

How are they going to survive this?  Obviously, they won’t.  Join us as they all die.  Or not, as the case may be.

Ben and Eugene discuss Black Sun.

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2 thoughts on “246 – Space 1999 – Black Sun”

  1. I had a couple of things to say about this one, but unfortunately let too much time pass before writing this and I forgot what they were. But the one thing I do remember was how much I agree with you about Barry Morse. He’s so enjoyable to watch, and this is a very good episode for him. Enjoyed it.

    1. Barry Morse is, without doubt, the only character on Space: 1999 that is a delight to watch. He’s human and warm, while all the others are a bit constipated in the humanity. Although Landau is undoubtedly a capable (even Oscar-winning) actor, his “humanity” comes out as shouting anger, in fits and bursts, while Morse just maintains a calm warmth.

      It says a lot of Morse’s acting ability. I’ve seen him play some very nasty types, very convincingly, particularly back in 1960’s ITV shows like The Saint.

      UK viewers might not know it, but Morse was the co-star of the 1963-1967 hit TV series, the Fugitive. Morse played the dogged policeman that chased the Richard Kimble character around the country for four years. Not only was it a prototype show, which set the pattern for many other shows (Bill Bixby’s the Incredible Hulk, for one) but it was the source material for the hit Harrison Ford movie of the same name, too. Tommy Lee Jones played Morse’s character in the movie.

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