Blakes 7

248 – Blakes 7 – Star One

Blake finally reaches his quest for the ultimate weak point of the evil galactic Federation.  Will he succeed in destroying the Federation once and for all?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Series 2 finale episode, Star One.

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One thought on “248 – Blakes 7 – Star One”

  1. I enjoyed your discussion of the story arc(s) in B7. In case you are interested, John Muir’s book “history and critical analysis of Blakes 7” (I’m pretty sure that’s the title) contains an essay in the back wherein he blasts the notion that Babylon 5’s story arc is anywhere near as good as that of B7 or the Prisoner. I disagree with him on most counts, but he does make an interesting observation about the more circular/symmetrical story arcs of the latter two shows as compared to Babylon 5.

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