Doctor Who: Bubble Sorted: Top 30 – Part 1

After a labor dispute with the talent, we’re back on the road with the top 30 episodes of Doctor Who as bubble sorted by my daughter.

One thought on “Doctor Who: Bubble Sorted: Top 30 – Part 1”

  1. But … this is TERRIBLE! Why didn’t anyone tell me The Presenter was going to regenerate?!? I liked the First Incarnation of The Presenter! She had smarts and style and confidence and so much panache! I hope the Second Presenter settles down soon, so far he’s got that whole just-regenerated-muddle-headed-curmudgeon thing going on … hard to tell just what sort of a Presenter he’s going to be.

    Wardrobe had better pick a better costume before the next episode – he looks worse than Tom Baker in a hat with horns. The new glasses are a disaster. The First Presenter’s glasses are iconic – why did they mess with such a successful formula? I can see that shoddy cardboard set in the background wobble. What’s happened to the production values on this show?

    I can’t believe that the BBC has caved-in to the whole PC crowd of gender warriors and recast The Presenter as *a man*! Doesn’t Moffat realise that from now on all the Bubble Sort stories have to be about gender issues from *a man’s perspective*?!? This is terrible.

    We want the First Presenter back! I feel like Sarah Jane did, being left by the side of the road at the end of Hand of Fear. So much disappointment … 8^(

    P.S. Can we have an appearance by the Brigadier in the next episode?

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