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258 – Space: 1999 – Missing Link

John Koenig is believed to be the missing link between humans and… humans (I guess,) so naturally, they kidnap him to study like a lab rat.

But when the lab rat gets frisky with the scientist’s daughter what will be the fate of John Koenig?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Missing Link.

3 thoughts on “258 – Space: 1999 – Missing Link”

  1. Like Ben, I too made the mistake of thinking this was a different (terrible) episode.

    + Koenig’s tour of the empty Moonbase – I wanted him to walk up to the camera and say “You’ve got something on the lens” and wipe off all the Vaseline. Was the point of Koenig switching on every piece of equipment in Alpha to shout out “He’s Not Dead!”?

    + I’m sure that on first watching this episode, 10 year old me was whining “…but nothing is happening!” Present day me certainly did.

    + Silly monsters. Oh the silly monsters were silly. At least the guys in the costumes looked as though they were having fun.

    + Hats! It’s good to know that two million years hence hats will be back in fashion and everyone will have an oversized beehive firmly strapped to their noggin’.

    + Was Koenig’s “I’m in love” just a ploy?, or did the writers change horse mid-stream? When he first puts the moves on Vana, I assumed it was a ploy to enrage Raan – his daughter with the Monkey Man – and teach Raan that little changes in two million years. However, moments later Koenig appears to have completely bought into the (insipid) romance. The net reveals cut scenes which expanded on the ploy, but something is still very wrong and unconvincing here.

    + Zenno – it’s always a bad move to name your planet with a Z. It just makes the whole thing 1950s cartoon SciFi from the get-go. Surely writers in the 70s should have had some awareness of this.

    + During the scenes on Zenno, everyone is gliding back and forth through the dry ice fog as though they’re on skateboards. Perhaps it’s some strange Zenno fad, like the hats. It wouldn’t have been a waste of a Peter Cushing if we could have seen him on a skateboard.

    Vader: Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of Tarkin’s gnarly moves!

    + I’m watching these on Bluray and every scene with a model in it is glorious. The discs are worth every penny.

    There should have been a post credits scene with Paul and Kano’s appointment with HR.

  2. $134 is ouch. Extremely ouch. If you’re able to handle UK “Region B” discs, then Series one is available from the source at for 24 pounds (US$35). Series 2 is now available on Blu-ray, however the pricing for Series 2 is a different matter.

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