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260 – Blakes 7 – Dawn of the Gods

Question: When is a black hole not a black hole?

Answer: When a writer can’t come up with a good name for his episode!

Ben and Eugene discuss the Blakes 7 episode entitled Dawn of the Gods which (spoilers) has nothing to do with the dawn of the gods.

4 thoughts on “260 – Blakes 7 – Dawn of the Gods”

  1. Oh what a silly pointless episode. The only strong feeling I took away was that I really want to play Space Monopoly. Is playing Space Monopoly more or less believable than the crew doing Auron Yoga, that time Blake went bonkers?

    + When did we last have a good Avon put-down? Here he’s outdone by Vila’s “I’m in hell, and it’s full of Avons”. A sad state of affairs.

    + They remembered that the bridge has an hallucinogenic psychotronic defence system! Excellent!

    + Damn pesky Telosians…

    + So, Cally’s potted creation myth of the Thaarn (coming to Auron and creating the Auronar Adam and Eve) would seem to confirm that Cally is an alien, rather than an evolved human. My money had been on human. If Cally is an alien, does that mean the Aztec tribe on Horizon are also aliens?

    + The Caliph – someone raided the BBC dress-up box.

    + Tarrant’s costume is taking the whole “Space Pirate” thing way too literally. He just needs a cutlass and a tricorn hat. I wish he’d do something about his hair – I keep thinking of him as “Space Mike Brady”.

    + A couple of years later, Ken Follett (pronounced with a hard T) recycled the plot in his BBC radio serial “Earthsearch 2”: Spaceship gets pulled into an artificial black hole, the crew are menaced, they set the black hole from “suck” to “blow” and escape in the resulting explosion.

    1. Hey, this comment got hung up in the spam detectors – sorry it didn’t get approved earlier. I think it was the links.

      They are… amusing. What earnest voice acting!

  2. It was the best thing going at the time (on radio), and bit of a rarity in that it aimed to be Hard Science Fiction … but, yes, it has not aged well. The earlier series is also available on YouTube, for anyone who is curious.

  3. I think you’re being thoroughly crititical of a brilliant brilliant…no, no, I can’t do it, really. Oh no, my wife’s gonna kill me!
    A big lot of tosh and cobblers.

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