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261 – Space: 1999 – Guardian of Piri

It looks like the Alphans have found the perfect world, Piri! ┬áJust in time, too, because Alpha’s computers are going haywire.

Ben and Eugene discuss Guardian of Piri.

One thought on “261 – Space: 1999 – Guardian of Piri”

  1. I enjoy this episode a good deal more than you guys, although I’m not entirely sure why. Nothing much happens in it, but I like the set and think it an ambitious attempt at depicting an alien world. Perhaps my favourable opinion has something to do with Catherine Schell wandering around in diaphanous nothing for most of the episode.

    The biggest problem is the failure to explain why Koenig is resistant to the influence of the Guardian. Are we supposed to accept that Koenig has super-gritty determination, far above that of all other Alphans? In a later episode there’s a (sort of) sensible scientific reason for why Koenig is the only person who perceives an Alien Menace, but here, there’s nothing.

    A downside to watching these on Bluray – you can see where effects scenes use photo cutouts of Eagles, rather than actual models. When Alan docks with the Marie Celeste Eagle, the MCE is just a photo. Of course, this was impossible to spot on a tiny grainy blurry B&W TV in 1975.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Carter beat the living snot out of Koenig. Full marks.

    Another great “Oh yes, she’s dead” performance from Dr Mathias in Medical.

    Kano has an Apple MagSafe connector in the back of his head! I wonder if he makes a startup noise when you plug him in.

    I’m unconvinced by Piri autodestructing, just because Catherine Schell’s face fell off and she tripped down some stairs. It was amusing to see the whole planet decompose into beanbag stuffing.

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