265 – Omega Factor – Visitations

Tom Crane joins Department 7 and investigates mysterious goings-on at a sinister house.

Simon and Eugene discuss Visitations.

2 thoughts on “265 – Omega Factor – Visitations”

  1. I liked this episode – less clunky than the first and with great atmospherics. However I still feel that I’m watching an early 70s episode of Thriller.

    Full marks for generating so much genuine creepiness with just some lighting and sound effects.

    I was ASTONISHED to see that the high tech research lab lacked even a single piece of SHADO Moonbase! This must be unique! I thought all 70s UK TV labs were required by law to have a panel or two from the Control Sphere, with all blinking lights GO!

    I’m still underwhelmed by the central character of Tom Crane. I’m not engaged by his quest. I don’t care whether he’s possessed, or lives or dies. The teen assistant who decided to wander off investigating spooky noises in the Murder House – I really cared about his fate and was on the edge of my seat – but Tom Crane struggling not to be possessed by Pazuzu …. I was yawning.

    Speaking of Assistant Boy, it was a complete cop-out that he wound up with just a small bruise on his leg. I was sure that some hideous Lovecraftian fate had befallen him and he was never to be seen by mortal eyes again. Murder Houses should be murderous.

    I’m not sure that the Edinburgh Tourist Board is getting value for money. After watching Tom and Anne stumbling across that windswept snow-blighted hillside I was chilled to the bone and Edinburgh flew up my “Never Ever Go There” list.

    I was thoroughly entertained by the episode, but at the end I was scratching my head and pondering whether anything actually happened. Did the main plot advance at all, or was it all just running around in the dark?

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