Blakes 7

266 – Blakes 7 – City at the Edge of the World

Vila gets to be the hero!  Vila gets the girl!  Vila gets the chance to live a new life on a beautiful new world!

This must be some fevered dream Vila is having during an illness, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss, City at the Edge of the World.

One thought on “266 – Blakes 7 – City at the Edge of the World”

  1. I enjoyed this episode. It was silly trash, but very enjoyable silly trash. Season Three, however, is still a big disappointment. The show has abandoned being science fiction and is, at best, just space opera. In Seasons 1 and 2, I could believe in a galaxy-spanning Federation which had become an evil bureaucracy, with associated prison planets and communication centres and research stations and tired colonies and casino worlds and mafia drug cartels, and it formed a complex web…. Now, it’s just Space Pirates.

    + My understanding of the whole send-starship-3000LYs-away deal was that the original civilisation believed they had to go through an unavoidable period of barbarism before they could arise again. There were no shortcuts of just landing on the nearest planet. Have a word with Hari Seldon about it.

    + Bayban the Butcher was a hoot. Colin Baker wonderfully understood that the show is panto and played it as such for all he was worth (Oh no he didn’t!) (Oh yes he did!).

    + You have Valentine Dyall and he spends most of the episode silently standing on the sidelines?!? What a waste.

    + Tarrant has gone back to his space pirate outfit, although I’m starting to think it’s more Puss in Boots.

    + Vilaworld looked a dreadful planet to be marooned on. I think the black sky would get on your nerves very quickly.

    + So, the locals are aliens? Who, again, look completely human? It’s been at least 3,000 years since the city was built, so we have to assume they’re not some lost tribe of Earth colonists. How many species of completely human looking aliens have we encountered now?

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