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267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child

Moonbase Alpha’s first child is born!

That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Alpha Child.

One thought on “267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child”

  1. An episode in which not terribly much happens, but still manages to be reasonably entertaining.

    I’m still not clear on Koenig’s plan to bazooka the spaceships. If half the command staff are standing directly under the alien ships when they fall down, isn’t this a bad outcome for Alpha?

    The really strange thing is that, having seen this episode who-knows-how-many-times since the 70s, Julian Glover’s Roman Centurian Space Pyjamas somewhow seem just a tiny bit less ridiculous with each rewatching. I think this phenomenon could point to New Physics, or parallel dimensions, or something.

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