268 – Omega Factor – Night Games

The conspiracy deepens.  Is there a mole in Department 7?  What is Tom’s brother’s involvement with sonic weapons?  Why the Picts?  Is Tom on the trail of the man who killed his wife?

Will this blog post end suddenly without a conclusion?

Simon and Eugene

2 thoughts on “268 – Omega Factor – Night Games”

  1. I too was amazed by the whistleblower calmly spilling the beans in front of a room full of officers. What was the director thinking?

    Tragically, Louise Jameson has absolutely nothing to do. Her character is intelligent, independent, and capable, yet her role is almost entirely restricted to sitting back while Tom spouts exposition at her.

    I kept thinking I’d dozed off and missed part of the plot, because Tom was making astounding, yet unsupported, leaps of logic. Bad scripting! Bad!

    My God, it looks cold!

    Yes, I too was reminded of The Stone Tapes.

    The (somewhat annoying) soundtrack from the first episode is gone! Did they only have budget for a single episode? Or did they blow the entire soundtrack budget on Pink Floyd? Will it be The Moody Blues next episode?

    I liked the sound-weapon gizmo. Lots of perspex and glowing knobs and levers. It looked as though it had gone astray from a Blakes 7 episode.

    So, is there a division of Department 7 which develops Death Rays? This seems an odd mix with their psychic research. Is Tom happy to be working for an organisation which develops death rays? While we’re at it, what do the other six departments do?

    Two episodes ago Drexel ran a used bookshop, and was contactable via a random bloke in the local pub. Now he’s a supervillain who has full knowledge of, and is manipulating, top secret military experiments. What did Drexel have to gain by sabotaging the test? Did I miss something?

    Overall, I’m enjoying the show and am looking forward to the next episode, but I’m starting to wonder whether all the plot pieces are going to fall into place, or is it going to collapse under the weight of its silly conspiracy theories, just as the X-Files did.

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