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270 – Blakes 7 – The Children of Auron

On the planet Auron, there are children.  These children are called “The Children of Auron.”  That is where this episode gets its name.  There are no children in this episode.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

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  1. I quite enjoyed this episode, and thought it superior to most of what we’ve seen in Season 3. However, I think the impact came from my sheer astonishment at Servalan’s Crazy Scheme:

    1) Have Babies.
    2) Capture the Liberator.
    3) Planetary genocide (because no one likes a neutralist).

    The plot was pedestrian. My horror at the lengths Servalan would go to provided all the sizzle.

    + You guys were underwhelmed by Ginka, but I soooooooo enjoyed his horrible horrible death. I look forward to Servalan going into an annoyed button-pushing frenzy in future episodes.

    + Back to Sopron Rock – Cally scanned the rock and perceived it as being her parents, however, it appears that she has no parents. Servalan’s cloning procedure showed Cally might have a genetic mother, but no genetic father? Cally could have had parents who raised her, but the whole cloning facility suggests something far more Brave New World.

    + Are only clones telepathic? Only Cally, Zelda and Servalan’s foetuses appeared to have any ability.

    + So, we finally see Auron, but we still don’t have an answer on whether the Auronar are evolved humans or aliens.

    – The members of The Lost that we saw in “The Web” – six Auronar inhabiting one corporate body – suggest something very non-human.

    – In “Dawn of the Gods”, Cally recounts a creation myth about the Thaarn, one of the gods who found Auron and left on it the first man and woman. A million years later the gods returned. The story and timeline both indicate the Auronar are aliens.

    – The Thaarn looks like another pesky Telosian, so again, “alien”.

    – Cally looks human. All the people on Auron look completely human.

    – The hints that Cally and Avon have been doing the nasty, suggest “Human”, or at least “compatible bits”.

    – Servalan was able to use the cloning equipment without any special preparation. This suggests complete compatibility with humans (assuming Servalan is human).

    When I first saw Blakes 7 in the 70s, I took the Auronar to be slightly-evolved humans, and that’s still the answer I find most comfortable.

    Afterthought: Cally said the gods “left” Adam and Eve on Auron. Might they have been proto-humans kidnapped from Earth and dumped on Auron? A million+ years might be enough time to evolve some ropey telepathy but still appear human.

    1. I’m pleased you’ve done such a thorough job pointing out the inconsistencies in Cally’s backstory. This whole, “Cally is a clone from a clone race” seemingly came out of nowhere. There’s just been no indication of it previously and, as you so rightly point out, definite signs to the contrary in previous episodes.

      And then there’s the “is Cally a human?” question… Too much continuity disruption – alternate reality forming!

  2. I think that Cally was a first generation clone, along with her sisters. Otherwise Dr. Franton would have cloned himself. Piter, the Auron that went to the Liberator, was telepathic, as he was reading Captain Derrill’s mind for info. And the Auronar were isolationist due to wanting to avoid the Federation.

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