271 – Omega Factor – After-Image

“Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!” may or may not be a line spoken without an outrageous accent during this podcast.

Anne is trying sensory deprivation, but all is not what it seems.  Will Tom get his revenge on the man who murdered his wife?

Simon and Eugene discuss After-Image.

One thought on “271 – Omega Factor – After-Image”

  1. + The Sensory Deprivation White Room appears to be more of a 70s Beige Room.

    + If Drexel “vas just followink orders” from the Bureau of Outrageous Accents, why did they have him running a secondhand bookshop? Why was Morag in the bookshop? I’m not hopeful of answers.

    + Is the Range Rover Man from the Bureau of Outrageous Accents? Is he a player for some other group? [One rewatch later…] He appears to NOT be part of the staff at the brainwashing centre! The plot thickens.

    + There’s only about 20 seconds of music in the whole episode. They really did blow the whole music budget on Pink Floyd.

    + The list of possible mole suspects is very short. Rewatching the climax, it appears that Martindale switched off the lights and shifted to the back of the room by the time the lights returned. Tom was best placed to shoot Drexel in the chest, but Martindale might also be a possibility. However, Martindale is too obvious, and the gun in Tom’s car is surely a plant. Which one is being mind controled?

    + Is the Eidetic Memory scene foreshadowing some activity by the mole?

    + If Drexel was killed by someone other than Red Tracksuit Guy, why do it? Wasn’t Drexel valuable to the Mysterious Forces of Evil? Are there multiple Forces of Evil and one wanted to deny the other Drexil’s services? Or had Drexil gone too far off script to be allowed to live?

    + Is killing the Big Bad in episode four brilliant or insane scripting? Is Tom avenged? What’s his motivation now?

    + Will Anne be willing to continue to work for an organisation which seemed moderately OK with her being kidnapped and brainwashed?

    + There’s enough episodes left to answer these questions … Will there be resolution? Will everything collapse into X-Files levels of hand waving? Who knows?

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