274 – Omega Factor – Power of Darkness

Tom Crane is feeling the need for some female companionship.  Too bad he’s out of practice and as awful as a cliche 70’s mega-slimeball.

In spite of all that life goes on – for some people – as a group of bored college students brings forth the Power of Darkness! (Wasn’t that the plot of Dracula A.D. 1972?)

Oh, and while Tom fiddles, he brother Michael gets burned.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Power of Darkness.

One thought on “274 – Omega Factor – Power of Darkness”

  1. + Drugs! Ouija boards! Witchcraft! Satanism! Youth corrupted! Mary Whitehouse was (for once) on the money with this episode.

    + Given that Drexel is dead, tom’s brother made a vegetable, Anne kidnapped and brainwashed, what motivates Tom or Anne continue to work for Department 7? I guess that it being 1970s Scotland, gigs are :really: hard to come by.

    + Lots of talk of Drexel. Is he really dead? How could he not be? Is there an identical twin? A clone? Does Drexel continue to exist in the spirit realm with Morag? The show has much invested in Drexel. He’s gone, but there’s half the series left.

    + If I suspected that someone was faking being hypnotised, my first course of action would not be to ask for a knife and start stabbing.

    + I was gobsmacked at the bloke on fire! Completely over the top for my expectations of the series.

    + Louise Jameson has nothing to do. Again.

    + Did the girl actually regress to a past life, or was it just a fugue state derived from her university studies? The demon didn’t appear to have an overt connection to 16th century witches.

    + Things with apparent significance aren’t paying out yet. The dead body in ep.1, the woman who died (Morag?) as part of Drexel’s cult, the Vikings, Julia’s face over Anne’s, Morag in the bookstore, the Dept.7 mole, Range Rover Man, the gun in Tom’s car, and now Tom’s brother’s warning “Beware the dogs!”. Do the producer’s have a genuine plan, or is it all just in-the-moment fluff?

    + Does Martindale often go around town kitted-up with sodium pentathol?

    + The battle within the girl’s mind was so very very cheap, but effectively creepy.

    + My reading of the “mind battle” was that Morag was hindering Tom, not working to help him rescue the girl. YMMV.

    + So, the crossfade between the demon’s and Martindale’s face – are we meant to conclude that Martindale was the demon, or is the demon now Martindale? The demon presumedly was attempting to possess the girl – as this was thwarted, perhaps in its psychic death throes it possessed someone else in the vicinity – Martindale?

    + Are there connections back to Episode 2 (Sonic Murder-House of Death)? The possessed man who wound up in the hospital attempted to murder Martindale as soon as he saw him. Also, there was the attempted possession of Tom which was defeated with the assistance of Morag. Something has been very keen on possession.

    P.S. I’m completely outraged that somehow I missed this 70s sexual nirvana of cheap pickup lines and railway sleeper cars by just a few years. Outraged!

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