275 – Blakes 7 – Sarcophagus

Mysticism, romance, machismo, magic tricks, musical numbers, and Cally is awakened by a kiss from her prince.  Wow, this episode has got it all!

Ben and Eugene discuss Sarcophagus.

Stereotype - N. - a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

8 thoughts on “275 – Blakes 7 – Sarcophagus”

  1. + Cirque du Soleil in Spaaaaace!

    + All the trappings of a 70s fantasy novel imprinted onto a Blakes7 episode. All it needs is a quest and a dwarf.

    + That godawful song! What were they thinking?

    + This week’s mission for the wiley crew of the most powerful Space Battleship in the galaxy is to mine an asteroid. If they’ve given up on finding Blake and Jenna, surely the producers could have found something for the crew to do.

    + Cally’s remark to Avon: “You wouldn’t expect a normal human response, would you? I’m not quite human.”, swings the Are-The-Auronar-Aliens? dial back to “Evolved-Humans”.

    + At least Serverlan wasn’t shoehorned in this week.

    + Re. Cally’s quarters (spartan as they are), where was her pet Moon Disc? Wasn’t the Moon Disc meant to protect her from being psychically taken over (again)?

    + Was the previous episode with Anna Grant really really expensive? Because this was a *fantastically* cheap episode to shoot.

  2. Could someone say where in the story the dead squirrel comes in? I want to see that, but don’t care to watch much else of the episode… It’s a bit too artistic and fanciful for me.

  3. Correct, the dead squirrel was in the previous episode Rumours of Death. It was used by some commandoes in social engineering their way past a security system (it’s only on screen for a few seconds, so not really worth trying to see). It was such a crucial element of the plan that the commandoes must have pre-packed a dead squirrel to take with them, rather than risk sourcing one on site.

    This is the level of planning required to overthrow an Evil Galactic Empire.

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