277 – Space: 1999 – Collision Course

Moonbase Alpha is on a collision course with a giant planet.  Science and physics are the only things that can save them, but what a lousy time for John Koenig to get religion!

Ben and Eugene discuss the collision course between faith and reason.

3 thoughts on “277 – Space: 1999 – Collision Course”

  1. How long is a piece of string?

    used for saying that it is impossible to answer a question about how big something is or how much time something will take. ‘How long does it take for a claim to be processed?’ ‘How long is a piece of string?’.

    Btw. Love the podcast.

  2. + For an episode where not much happens, it zips along. Well crafted, but junior me was probably becoming annoyed at the prevalence of Cosmic Forces episodes.

    + Cobwebs Everywhere. You’d think that after millions of years of preparation, the Atherians would have solved their bug problems.

    + I enjoyed Helena and Victor sauntering out of the command staff meeting and quietly agreeing that Koenig is completely bonkers.

    + It’s hard to a accept Koenig’s complete buy-in of Arra’s story. It would have been more nuanced if Koenig’s role had fallen to Victor, who often straddles the divide between faith and fact. Watching Victor wrestle with his beliefs would have been far more interesting than Koenig’s binary response.

    + It’s telling that Arra’s comment to Koenig, that ‘doing nothing’ will be a test of his command, ends with him threatening to laser everyone in Main Mission and fists flying.

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