278 – Omega Factor – Child’s Play

A child with poltergeist-like telekinetic powers in the hands of a secret government organization?  Stranger things have happened.  What could possibly go wrong?  

Simon and Eugene discuss Child’s Play.

Note:  There was a minor problem with one of the microphones during the recording of this episode which produces some static.  Apologies all around for that.

Also, the episode was recorded months ago, before we had any Patreon patrons, so my comments about operating at a dead loss aren’t strictly true – we are immensely grateful to our patrons who are helping out!

3 thoughts on “278 – Omega Factor – Child’s Play”

  1. Louise Jameson gets something to do! She doesn’t affect the plot in any way, but she does get something to do.

    The opening seemed as though someone else was psychically bullying Colin. It would have been good foreshadowing if Colin had menaced another boy, rather than Colin (and his poltergeist) terrorising himself.

    Martindale’s snog! Now I find out that the secret to impressing women is to spin some Webern discs! On a sleeper train! (The cod-Schoenberg, was indeed, terrible)

    Judging from her home, I can’t decide whether the mother is a crap interior decorator, or 70s decor is inherently hideous.

    It’s spring! Edinburgh looks almost … habitable.

    No Drexel? No Morag? No mole? No demon? No floating head of Tom’s dead wife? No Range Rover Man?

    Tom’s Dramatic Range in each episode: Affable > Sulk > Affable > Grump > Outraged Grump > (Repeat)

    Tom Crane in a dressing gown – defining manspreading, 35 years before the term is invented.

    So how did Colin tamper with the envelope? Why didn’t the director lay the groundwork for the big reveal about the oil tanker? The reveal comes out of nowhere and goes nowhere. Colin has no motivation, beyond a newspaper clipping, for the attack.

    I agree with Simon, the direction and editing at the end is terrible. Tom and the mother appear to be standing-by, cheerfully watching the car as it rolls forward and crushes the driver. All without raising a cry.

    I still have no idea where this series is ultimately heading. That may be through clever design or cluelessness on the part of the scriptwriters.

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