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280 – Space: 1999 – Death’s Other Dominion

What are the practical implications of immortality?

The Alphans get the chance to ponder them in much the same way the moon hurtles past planets in the episode Death’s Other Dominion.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

2 thoughts on “280 – Space: 1999 – Death’s Other Dominion”

  1. A great episode! Fantastic guests! Koenig fits into the plot, rather than trying to dominate it.

    The episode is a thinly disguised remake of Lost Horizon – a band of refugees, lost is a blizzard in Tibet, stumble across Shangri La. The locals are immortal, and the visitors are torn as to whether to stay or go. The hero does leave, taking a local girl with him, who rapidly ages once she leaves the monastery.

    I refuse to believe that anyone would seriously entertain being trapped in ice caves for eternity.

    Where did the Alphans get their arctic explorer gear from? Has Koenig had Stores preparing all this clobber in case they drifted past an Ice Planet? Are there safari suits with pith helmets for jungle planets?

    The name of the completely unmissable actress who caught Alan’s eye is Valerie Leon. She starred in Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb. She was the hotel receptionist in The Spy Who Loved Me, and has been in The Avengers and countless Carry On films.

    The Uranus Probe was equipped with an X5 Computer – just like Alpha. So Kano has to work with 14 year old kit?

    That Uranus Probe expedition had a big crew: 30+ crew?

    How did Earth manage to send a mission to Uranus only 10 years after the episode aired in 1975? I like to think that Space 1999 exists in a parallel universe, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, where Apollo levels of funding for space exploration continued unabated.

    1. Let’s not go busting on Kano’s 14-year out-of-date computer gear! That’s some awesome computer gear! The pride of Earth technology!

      Look at it, still going STRONG 800 years after it left Earth. I’d like to see if my 1985 IBM PC is still going strong in 2785!

      Dammit! I hadn’t thought about the snow gear. Now there’s another piece of the Space: 1999 puzzle that just doesn’t fit. It’s too easy to forget they’re not on an exploration mission – clearly for the writers, too.

      Regarding the actress – OF COURSE, that’s it! How did I not remember that? Delivering that telegram to Bond in the hotel room on Sardinia. I remember from the first time I saw The Spy Who Loved me (in 1979, double-billed with Moonraker), I was absolutely transfixed by her eyes. They are magnificent. (As was entirely the rest of her, too)

      Valerie Leon

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