285 – Omega Factor – Out of Body, Out of Mind

Investigative report Tom Crane once again has no interest investigating anything psychic until he thinks he can use it against Roy Martindale.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Omega Factor episode, “Out of Body, Out of Mind.”

2 thoughts on “285 – Omega Factor – Out of Body, Out of Mind”

  1. Aaaghhh! The red underpants! The horror! That which has been seen cannot be unseen! Bugger warning us to “Beware the Dogs!” Tom’s brother should have forewarned about the underpants.

    It’s still not possible to believe that Anne sees anything in Tom. Why does this non-relationship capture our attention? I begin to wonder whether Anne is actually working for Omega, at least that would explain her relationship with jerkface – she’s just following orders.

    You’re right about the very limited list of characters who could be the Big Bad. I’m thinking Martindale is just a flunky. Anne (as a surprise twist) is too non-sensical. Scott-Erskine is too obvious. What about someone who is nominally dead? Drexel? Morag? The floating head of Tom’s dead wife?

    All the best astral travellers wear lycra bodystockings, to protect their modesty. Is all this is interest in Out of Body Experiences going to lead somewhere, or is it just a McGuffin for this episode? What happened to the eidetic memory thing from a few episodes back?

    Tom appears to accept that Drexel is dead and he is avenged. There’s been no sightings of Morag for some time. Perhaps their part in the story really is over (but in no way explained).

    Can I get a job like Tom’s? Abuse all your coworkers. Refuse orders. Do the opposite of what you’re told. Squeal on you boss to upper management. Still get paid. At least Martindale is passionate about his research. Tom has all the powers and is just grumpy.

    This show really needed better plotting of the series’ arc. It would have been much stronger if we had seen Hamish visit Tom’s brother in hospital a few episodes back. All the developments in this episode drop out of nowhere – unconnected to anything we’ve seen before. Why not use a perfected version of the psychic ergot zombie drug to control Hamish, rather than the psychic hypnosis they did use?

    Omega-brand cigarette lighters! They go well with the club rings. What other knickknacks are in the Omega range? Monogrammed handkerchiefs? Golf clubs?

    It’s such a pity that Tom’s amazing psychic powers don’t permit him to realise that people he’s faving face-to-face conversations with are evil minions of Omega. This really is a spectacular failure. It’s even a failure for your average investigative journalist.

    Two episodes to go. So many loose ends.

  2. But, but, but… Morag is the key part of this story! She MUST feature heavily in the finale, mustn’t she?

    It’s so hard to comment on these since, subsequent to recording the episode, I’ve seen the rest of the series… makes it oh-so spoilery.

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