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284 – Space: 1999 – The Full Circle

The Alphans explore the “Mist-terious” planet of Retha.  (See what I did there?)  It’s a world filled with missing people, strange cavemen, dinosaur footprints and questions – oh so many, many questions!

Ben and Eugene explore some of those questions and provide few answers as they look at The Full Circle.

5 thoughts on “284 – Space: 1999 – The Full Circle”

  1. Not a good week for you guys – getting to review possibly the worst episode of Blakes 7 alongside possibly the worst episode of Space:1999. Synchronicity.

    On paper, Cavemen vs Astronauts sounds like a cool idea … but it isn’t. A lot of this was watched on fast forward.

    The cavemen in the location shots look very, very, very cold.

    You mentioned “How did cavemen dig a perfectly square pit in less than 24 hours?”, but I’d like to add, “Where did the mammoth tusk in the cave come from?” Did the cavemen slay a mammoth, in addition to digging the pit?

    … actually, that must have been a pretty big mammoth, judging from the size of the tusk. Twice the size of a regular mammoth?

    I’m sure “bashing Koenig’s head in with a rock” will come up at Sandra’s next performance review.

    So, Koenig finally got to laser Alan. I bet he enjoyed that. Alan had better watch his back from now on.

    1. I don’t recall noticing the mammoth tusk, but, like all the accoutrements in their cave home, where did they come from? The gourd bowls, the bedding, the artwork on the walls – all inexplicable even within the inexplicable premise of the episode.

      I can accept a minimum amount of materials working on the assumption that, somehow, the mist has an intelligence behind it… as modern man passes through the mist, he is reverted to Cro-Magnon man, modern clothes converted to furs, modern weapons converted to spears – perhaps even their “camping supplies” such as rations, bowls and utensils (if, indeed, they were carrying them) converted into dead animal flesh, gourd bowls and stone knives. But all of those things were material items carried into the mist with them.

      I posed this jokingly during the episode, but I was, in a way, completely serious: What would have happened if they drove the moon buggy through the mist? Would it become Fred Flintstone’s car? Would it be converted into some sort of pack animal used by the cave people? What are the implications of an inanimate machine being converted into a live, breathing animal? Would it have been an Earth animal?

      What about the mammoth tusk (which I didn’t;’t notice) or the theropod dinosaur track. Notwithstanding the horrible, horrible violation of known palentological learning that represents, why are such obvious Earth-parallel creatures on Retha? Are they subject to the whims of the mist, too? Does a mammoth go in one end and come out an elephant at the other? Or going through the reverse way, does him come out a T-Rex?

      And I’m still perplexed about their home – ignoring the things that might have been transformed with them – where the cave art come from? How did they dig that pit so quickly? Did they have the time to make the fire/torture rack for Sandra while the hunters were out chasing her, or did they have that in their cave already?

      We have to recognize that these cave people can only have been in that cave less than 24 hours. Somehow they already had a cohesive societal structure, rituals, knowledge of fire, knowledge witch-doctoring, got themselves settled into their cave, made spare clothes, decorated the walls, built a fire/torture rack and started building mammoth traps (or was that an Alan trap?)

      And then, after all that… WHY DIDN’T THEY EXODUS TO THIS PLANET????

      The mist didn’t seem to move, they’re reasonably intelligent people (we’re told – well, as long as they listen to Koenig), couldn’t they just… stay out of the mist? This is absolutely the best planet they’ve found: Lush, plentiful water, game animals, temperate enough to camp outside at night… it probably was worth gambling on.

      Like Doctor Who’s episode, Kill the Moon, this episode has been bludgeoned to death with the Stupid Science Stick.

  2. I took the failure to launch Operation Exodus as being due to the Moon drifting out of the window in which they could enact it. They lost their opportunity messing about with cavemen. That being said, there seemed to be absolutely no sense of urgency during the episode and no mention of how much time they had.

    I was wondering whether there was some connection between The Mist and The Great Cosmic Force, which has shown its similarly inexplicable hand in so many episodes. One of the failings of this episode is that there isn’t really a moral In it (beyond the weak “ask me in 40,000 years” joke at the end). The Great Cosmic Force has usually taught something about faith or destiny or striving, whereas The Mist just seems to be a poor practical joke.

    1. I was glossing over that… yes, I think they just wasted their “window” on Operation Exodus, but… as you say, there’s no urgency, in fact, I believe at one point they say, “…we’re in range for three days.” There’s nothing about, “we have 24 hours to explore, and need 48 ours to evacuate…” or anything. It’s as if they aren’t even trying on this planet, and are just conducting exploration for exploration’s sake.

      I think there was a “moral” – they were definitely making parallels between modern man and primitive man… jealousy, anger, revenge. Too contrived to be an accident, not explored well enough to be effective.

  3. A thought just occured to me, a couple of later episodes revolve around the idea of Adam and Eve. Could the aim of The Mist be to strip the Alphans of the technology and knowledge which cast them adrift in space and return them to a virginal, primal existence? Their destiny is to populate the planet from scratch, not simply occupy it.

    Of course, there’s no mention of any such idea in the episode, and if this was the aim of The Mist, why would it allow the process to be reversible? Stupid episode is stupid.

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