286 – Blakes 7 – Death-Watch

Teal and Vandor are having a war.  Time for everyone to celebrate, get drunk and enjoy the festivities!  Except for Servalan who has a cunning plan to expand the Terran Federation.

Can Avon and the crew of the Liberator stop her?  Will Tarrant meet up with his long-lost brother?  Find out by watching the episode and then listening to Ben and Eugene discuss it!

4 thoughts on “286 – Blakes 7 – Death-Watch”

  1. This was better than the last few episodes, but that’s not such a high bar.

    Tarrant’s brother is also a humourless jerkface? Whodathunkit! Is it genes or upbringing?

    Why was the galaxy flocking to experience this battle to the death? It only lasted a few minutes. Hardly worth changing channels for.

    The Flightdeck’s cocktails and nibbles party was a sad sad thing.

    SNOG! I thought Avon brought his best game to that snog with possessed-Cally in “Sarcophagus”, but this effort with Servalan was in another snogging league altogether.

    Cally’s career appears to have plateaued at operating the teleport. Poor Cally.

    Where did the android come from? Is it Serverlan’s? How did she convince one side to bet absolutely everything on an android?

    Why does a crew of Space Pirates care about the fate of these two systems? Why risk their lives?

    The clueless diplomat (Max) is none other than everyone’s favourite Welsh hippy mycologist – Professor Clifford Jones! Perhaps better known as Jo Grant’s husband. Last seen battling giant maggots and telling his missus to get rid of that blue crystal.

    1. Considering that the future in which Blakes 7 takes place is still a dystopia, the people have diminished expectations of what a “party” should look like – take Gambit as an example. That little spread they had on the Liberator was completely in character. We might as well all start to get used to it.

      What really amazes me is that, yes, apparently the Teal/Vandor wars are a big spectator event, known throughout the galaxy, but, no one apparently knows what they entail until they get there. That is one hell of a marketing department they’ve got!

      My take from the episode was that no one knew, not even the android, that Viny was one. Servalan had him placed and he proceeded to shoot his way up to become their first champion. A long game on Servalan’s part, to be sure. Unclear if that started before or after the galactic war.

      Were Teal and Vandor involved in the galactic war? Clearly they existed before it. Why hadn’t the Liberator sought refuge away from the Federation’s grasp there before?

      More troubling is where did they get the android technology? Last time they tried, their android failed (Project Avalon) and while there were a couple years before “the fall” of the Federation, Viny seems orders of magnitude more superior to the Avalondroid, which was explained as being incredibly difficult, expensive, and the absolute best that their best scientists could do.

      Entertaining, but low bar indeed.

  2. Quality of episodes: It seems to me that this season has had a bit of inconsistency, with sort of alternating good and bad episodes, or ok and bad… a bit like the end of the previous season. Somethnig to do with Terry Nations not being so involved and focus being put on every other episode, while some guest writer filled in the gaps? Just a thought.

    Cally’s box of rocks: perhaps it’s a miniature civilization, like the one on Lisa Simpson’s tooth. Perhaps is communicating with them telepathically. On that note, perhaps her red drink is made of moon disc pulp. They’ve been reproducing like mad and she’s got enough of them that she can grind them up and drink them… why not?

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