288 – Omega Factor – Double Vision (Corrected Version)

(Repost with corrected audio file)

Tom Crane is seeing visions of his wife, but is it real?  What with her being dead and all…  or is she?  Or is it Anne in a wig?  Is it Martindale in a wig?  And what about the creepy European guy who specializes in hanging out in cemeteries studying ritualistic ceremonies infused with hallucinogenic drugs?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Simon and Eugene discuss Double Vision.

We had a problem with the first posting of this episode, this is a repost with the complete audio file.)

2 thoughts on “288 – Omega Factor – Double Vision (Corrected Version)”

  1. Rarely do you see a show which combines both The Prisoner and Scooby Doo. I look forward to Vashrevsky yelling “I would have gotten away with it too! If it hadn’t have been for those meddling kids and their dog!”

    Was the bookshop window Tom looked in at the start of the episode Drexel’s bookshop?

    When Tom followed his wife into the chamber of horrors, only to find Anne, was this like on the train platform, where his wife’s face superimposed over Anne’s? But this time it expanded to a whole-body vision?

    Did anything psychic happen in this episode, or was it all just wigs and body doubles?

    Why is Vashrevsky so worried about what Tom knows? Tom knows almost nothing!

    Answers. occurred! Martindale :is: a lackey for Omega! Martindale shot Drexel, because Drexel was going off-script! Scott-Erskine is apparently not within the Omega fold – or not part of Vashrevsky’s faction.

    Is Martindale confirmed as the Mole? Does that make any sense?

    Current candidates for the Big Bad are: Tom’s brother and a bunch of dead people, because everyone else appears to have been ruled out. Is Vashrevsky the Big Bad? If so, it’s a complete cop-out to pull him out of thin air in the penultimate episode.

    Who are the graverobbers? Do they have any connection with Omega?

    No Morag? No Tom’s brother’s mission? No Range Rover Man? No Demon? The “No Morag” is particularly worrying. If Morag materialises in the last five minutes of the final episode to rescue Tom, then vanish without any explanation, I shall be throwing things at the TV.

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