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291 – Space: 1999 – War Games

The Alphans approach an unnamed and silent planet, and suddenly they are being attacked by warships from Earth.  The War Games have begun!

Ben and Eugene discuss all out warfare on Moonbase Alpha in the episode, War Games.

5 thoughts on “291 – Space: 1999 – War Games”

  1. Victor is quite gung-ho with his “It’s an attack John! We’re wide open!”. It’s so far out of character I think it telegraphs that everyone is acting out the aliens’ script, rather than exercising free will. That’s why no one asks where Mk.IX Hawkes came from – there are no questions in the script.

    I suspect the aliens, after billions of years of enlightenment, no longer know what a fighter looks like, and so they allowed the Alphans’ brains to fill in the blanks. Hence the Mk.IX Hawkes.

    When Dr Mathias died, he’s secondary enough of a character that I really could believe that he was dead. Some skilful scripting there.

    When there are many many casualties, why does Koenig take Alpha’s only surviving doctor down to the planet?

    If mankind is a virus, why did the aliens adopt Helena? Is she really so different? Oh, that’s right – it’s the aliens’ script – they need her to bring Koenig back from the dead.

    Angry Koenig! Shouty Koenig! See the angry monkey laser everything!

    The Alien reiterated what could be seen as the overall message of Space: 1999: “You have no place in space.”

    You’re right, Barry Morse’s performance, recording the Alpha taped message, really is the best scene in the series.

    1. The next time we have the “aliens want to stop Alphans from investigating their planet” episodes, I shall try to remember to tell the tale of the Space: 1999 story idea I had.

      The moon is approaching a promising solar system, one of the planets appears not only habitable, but inhabited. Alpha will only be in range for three days. As the moon reaches the earliest point they can launch a reconnaissance eagle, everyone on Alpha falls asleep.

      When they awake, three days have elapsed, and the moon is passing out of range of the planet.

      A resonantly deep English voice comes over the loud speakers, “Alphans! We saw your moon wandering the depths of space, and we mean you no harm, but we could not allow creatures as primitive as you to come to our planet and contaminate our world and our way of life, so we made you sleep harmlessly until our planet was beyond your range. As a token of our regret at this action, we have left you an extra 20 boxes of laundry detergent to help clean your uniforms. We wish you a safe and clean journey.”

  2. Your script idea needs to have everyone but Koenig fall asleep. He can them harmlessly wander the halls of Alpha for three days getting increasingly angrier and shoutier.

    1. Well, yes, but not necessarily much worse poison than some of the other episodes AND they could show off some of that really awesome cinematography. Strange angles, weird lighting, a suitably creepy Barry Gray score.

      I do agree with Mr. Iguana, Landau’s contract would require he be the only person awake wandering the silent moonbase in his blue robe and being explosively emotional.


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