293 – Blakes 7 – Rescue

The planet Terminal has not been kind to the former crew of the Liberator.  Luckily, kindly Dorian, in his suit of gray, comes to the rescue.

What have they gotten themselves into this time?

Ben and Eugene discuss Rescue.

4 thoughts on “293 – Blakes 7 – Rescue”

  1. A couple thoughts for why Cally said “Blake:”
    1. She was thinking that things wouldn’t have gone so badly if Blake were still leading them (?)
    2. She always felt that she owed her life to Blake, since she was intending to do a suicide mission when they first met. She was grateful for having lived so long… it was a psychic tribute…
    3. The writer wanted to remind viewers of the legend of Blake… a guy for whom the show is still named.

    These all sound pretty lame, but they are my thoughts, such as they are….

    1. You may be right.

      I have one other theory, though… I think it was a bit of a “game” Cally and Avon used to play during “sexy time” back on the Liberator. Cally called him “Blake” and Avon called Cally “Anna.”

        1. ….and I can’t help thinking that there’d be a good amount of costume wearing and goofiness involved. Ronald McDonald wig, giant sleeved shirt, etc…

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