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295 – Space: 1999 – The Last Enemy

The war of the sexes plumbs new depths…  Who am I kidding?  The war of sexes is as shallow as it gets here.

Ben and Eugene discuss The Last Enemy.


One thought on “295 – Space: 1999 – The Last Enemy”

  1. The Andersons return to the central idea of their movie Doppelganger (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun): two planets on exact opposite sides of the sun who cannot see each other directly.

    Even as a child I had to suspend disbelief that Dione’s spacesuit wasn’t just motorcycle leathers and helmet. I’m not complaining about the look though.

    The strangest thing is Dione escaping to her lifepod by teleporting. Is this a psychic ability? Was there equipment on the lifepod to do the teleport? Teleporting seems a psychic or technological development far beyond what the Bethans could be capable of. Perhaps it’s just a shoddy script trick to get Dione back to her ship without five minutes of exposition.

    You guys may have been underwhelmed, but 11-year-old-me thoroughly approved of an episode which consisted entirely of Hot Chicks and Massive Explosions, rather than the usual mystic forces. Overall, I still enjoy this big dumb episode.

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