299 – The Night Strangler

Seattle, 1973.  A series of bizarre murders terrorizes the city.  One reporter, new to town, has seen it all before — or at least something very much like it.

Carl Kolchak must battle a long-suffering editor, a disbelieving publisher and Seattle’s finest as he tries to prove an inhuman killer is on the loose.

Simon and review the sequel to the Night Stalker – the 1973 TV movie, the Night Strangler.

2 thoughts on “299 – The Night Strangler”

  1. I recall that even seven year old me wondered why they bothered refilming the first movie, but with a far less interesting monster.

    Night Strangler abandons the model of the first movie – real world journalist interviews real world people to pursue horrific monster – and replaces it with the model used in the series: cartoon journalist interviews cartoon characters to pursue horrific monster. The series is completely schizophrenic. Everything to do with Kolchak and Vincenzo and Karl’s sources is over-the-top vaudeville, but the monsters themselves are still played deadly serious.

    The meat of the series becomes the titanic battle of wills between Kolchak and Vincenzo, usually climaxing with Vincenzo yelling “Karl! My ulcer!”. The shouting IS the show!

    I love that Kolchak’s first appearance is him trying to convince a random stranger in a bar of his Vegas Vampire story. It’s all a conspiracy!

    For once, less-is-more doesn’t work. Keeping the face of the monster hidden for most of the show doesn’t let the imagination fill in the blanks. The monster just comes across as a guy in a bad hat, not a supernatural menace.

    I’m deducting three nerd points from Simon and Eugene for not recognising (or, at least, not mentioning) that the lair of Dr Richard/Malcolm was the Bradbury Building. J. F. Sebastian’s place in Bladerunner! The Demon with a Glass Hand!

    1. It’s a fair cop – I didn’t spot it was Sebastian’s building. I’ll hold my hands up to the Bladerunner ignorance – when we recorded this podcast, I’d only seen Bladerunner once (and many years ago) and was not a fan. I’ve rewatched it recently and re-evaluated. But then, I didn’t spot it was Dr Malcolm’s lair!

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