301 – Blakes 7 – Traitor

Suddenly,  the Federation isn’t so much the joke it’s been since the war against Andromeda, what could be behind it?  Is that an old friend I see?

Ben and Eugene discuss Traitor!

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  1. Great discussion of the episode. I thought I’d heard or read that the whole commissioner sleer thing was intended to be a different actor because they didn’t think they could get j. Pearce back, but then they could and they just kind of stuck with the Sleer idea. That kind of explains it, but I’m not sure if it’s true.

    1. I can completely believe that Sleer was intended to be a new character. It made no sense at all for them to write in Servalan’s downfall as Empress just to put her back in as a new character.

  2. From the opening shot, where a painting represents Helotrix, I had thought we were visiting Planet Yes Album Cover.

    So … are the crew Space Pirates or Rebels again? I’m confused.

    I was thinking about Pylene 50 and the second half of the Firefly movie “Serenity”. I wanted to yell that Whedon is a thieving hack – but then I realised that a pacification drug is an old sci-fi trope – so I’ll have to drop the ‘thieving’ part.

    I’m surprised they didn’t string out the mystery of “Who is Commissioner Sleer” for a few more episodes. But, as Foochin Moochin points out, it may be about the realities of availability, contracts and audience numbers more than plot. Jacqueline Pearce has said that she was ill and hospitalised between series 3 and 4, so Sleer may well have been intended as a new character to fill the void.

    I wonder how long it took to film all that footage of people falling into ponds, for the epic “Battle of People Falling Into Ponds”.

    I love Forbus. He’s like a bad cosplay of Davros. He would have made an excellent comic sidekick for Servalan, always plotting her grisly demise and always fumbling the execution, while she schemes galactic domination, completely unaware.

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