304 – Blakes 7 – Stardrive

The Scorpio is a slow, old bucket in space.  Not what a bunch of wannabe revolutionaries really need to be kicking around the galaxy in.

Can the legendary Space Rats help them?

Ben and Eugene discuss, Stardrive.

4 thoughts on “304 – Blakes 7 – Stardrive”

  1. 1. The flame/frills adornments on the Space Rats’ helmets are quite clearly cardboard, coloured-in with crayon.

    2. The Federation Pursuit ships on the rear viewscreen at the episode’s end appear to be video of poorly-formed blobs of orange PlayDoh.

    3. The Space Rat who captured Dayna and Vila appears to be armed with a videogame pistol.

    4. No explosives, just some unconvincing video effects and pratfalls for Avon’s getaway grenade.

    Conclusion: I can’t tell whether the budget ran out or the production staff simply gave up caring.

    Just-so-you-know, Follet is pronounced with a hard-T, or else multiple BBC radio announcers have been lying to me over the years.

    Why hasn’t Dr Plaxton organised a nasty radiation leak to kill all the Space Rats late one night? She’s got the Mk.1 drive, does she really need all their grief?

    You gave some stick to Vila over what a useless, drunken coward he is, yet Vila survives! Gan: dead. Cally: dead. Blake: reported dead. Jenna: presumed dead. Villa uses his evasive skills to the maximum and has survived. His strategy works!

    Overall, it’s a big dumb episode, but I have fun rewatching it (mainly due to Atlan’s bug-eyed performance), so I give it a pass.

    I wish I had a time machine, so I could go back and tell my 1980-self, “Whatever it is that makes you think Soolin is ‘interesting’, you are deeply, deeply mistaken.”

    1. At this point, I van clearly see you’re watching the episode with more of an eye for detail than we are! 😉

      I did think the pursuit ships looked… rough, and can’t figure why they didn’t have some stock footage to use from somewhere.

      Even now, I can tell you why I thought Soolin to be “fascinating,” but at my age, I can be honest it had nothing to do with her scintillating personality.

  2. Some thoughts:

    1. A good episode for laughs, some good ideas and some poor execution… I can still enjoy it well enough.

    2. Making “Atlan” “not really one of the spacerats” seems like a way of making the bad guy more interesting, and also leaving room for him to be some king of recurring villian… Follet did this with the bald dwarf from “Dawn of the Gods”, so maybe it’s just a thing that he does.

    3. Perhaps pronouncing a Brit’s surname as if it were French could be construed as a kind of insult? Perhaps Eugene was intending that? 😉

    4. Avon losing his mind…. glad you mentioned this, as it “may” be a bit of this seasons story arc…

    5. Speaking of story arc, I still think having to regain what has been lost is a nice, meaningful thing for the show to do, and should make it kind of easy to map out the episodes as they are being created (?)

    6. To the future: I dont’ want to be a downer, but while there is no more Ben Steed, there’s still Tanith Lee coming up…

    7. For fun: I like the idea of the costumes being “turned up to Liberace’ 11.” Wonderful mental image. Fun thought: if Liberace’ had been a Brit, would he have been knighted? I mean, look at Elton John…

    Thanks as always for enjoyable discussion!

    1. Follett is, as far as my experience, not a common surname in these parts. No offense intended it’s simply obviously a word of French origin. Two L’s and two T’s? What proper English word would arrive at that? A quick search online reveals its derivation in the French word for “fool” but, the pronunciation has clearly be Anglicized. Perhaps that was a Brit’s insult at the French? 🙂 https://youtu.be/GNgq6Kj4xXw

      Tanith Lee… yeah. I’m looking forward to that one like I look forward to getting sand in my swim trunks at the beach.

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