306 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Zombie

Carl Kolchak investigates the possibility that a member of the walking dead may be killing off members of the Maffia in Chicago.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Zombie.

One thought on “306 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Zombie”

  1. The stairwell packed with cardboard boxes that the police chief uses to exit INS reveals he was right. INS IS a firetrap!

    There’s a different chief of police every week. Perhaps Kolchak does win, destroying the career of each tinpot authority figure he locks horns with.

    Another massive police shootout at the mafia barn. Did we really view this as standard police procedure in the 70s? Young, impressionable me certainly did.

    How many paper-thin stereotypes did they manage to cram into this one episode? Italian Mafioso; Huggy Bear and his pimpmobile; Haitian voodoo priestess; the outraged union rep; the New York jewess; the manic morgue attendant. Am I missing any?

    How did Darren McGavin not kill himself leaping around on the stacks of car yard wrecks? Today, Health and Safety would have put the kibosh on the whole production.

    I shouldn’t have, but I did like the routine:
    Chickens: Cluck cluck!
    Nervous Kolchak: What are those for?!?
    Suspicious Creepy Haitian: My dinner!

    I love hazily glimpsing the zombie on the bus. Completely ludicrous, but incredibly creepy. As though you could be sharing a bus ride home with the undead, if you’re not paying attention.

    Music. It should be noted that Gil MellĂ© was also responsible for the completely electronic soundtrack of the 1971 version of The Andromeda Strain. For those of us who are into bleep-bloop music, it’s a surprisingly effective score.

    Without doubt, THE most tense three minutes of visceral cold-sweat horror from my childhood were of Kolchak opening the squeaky hearse door, climbing in beside the zombie and pouring salt into its mouth. Considering what a cornball goof-fest the rest of the episode was, it’s amazing how the show can change gears and project something so genuinely chilling.

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