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308 – Space: 1999 – Mission of the Darians

Alpha encounters a big spaceship with big problems.

Could some good ‘ole down home Earth thinking and feeling solve the Mission of the Darians?

Ben and Eugene discuss.

One thought on “308 – Space: 1999 – Mission of the Darians”

  1. The Darian’s ship – a mighty Space Ark built entirely by 70s Italian interior designers.

    Again, the strongest player in this episode is the music. It turns a story which we’ve seen numerous times into something uncomfortable and disconcerting.

    Whether it’s The Prisoner, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or Space:1999, I always welcome the opportunity to watch Aubrey Morris wigging-out in an incomprehensible role.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the casting agent who had the job of telling a waiting room full of dwarves that he’s looking to cast a pair of Atomic Mutants. (Or, as Aubrey Morris would put it, “MU-TANTS!!!”)

    I liked that they finally mourned the redshirt at the end of the episode. Koenig’s “Remind me to tell you sometime” completely ruins the gesture.

    The organ harvesting room. Shifting naked corpses about. Wow! That was in a show where the majority of the audience were kids? What were they thinking? Where was Mary Whitehouse?

    The silver space suits were props from Moon Zero Two. I knew I’d seen them somewhere before.

    You touched on my most detested pet peeve in all of science fiction: the Life Signs Detector. What exactly does it detect? The exchange of gasses in respiration? Body heat? Movement? Electrical impulses in the nervous system? Some combination of these? I could possibly suspend disbelief to imagine a device which detects these across the vacuum of space and a metal hull – however – I’ve watched countless episodes of Star Trek and Babylon 5 where the detected life had none of these properties, instead being a nebulous field of quantum particles belonging to a trans-dimensional being. Shows keep using the MacGuffin of a life signs detector when they are actually talking about a Soul Detector. It’s lazy script writing. It’s bollocks!

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