310 – Doctor Who – The Pilot

We start a new series of Doctor Who episodes with Steven Moffat’s 10th series opener, the Pilot.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

2 thoughts on “310 – Doctor Who – The Pilot”

  1. So, we’re all in agreement that we’re happy with this episode? Something must be terribly wrong here!

    I agree with pretty much everything you say about why the episode is so enjoyable. (Not so much with the comments on arcs, or the favourite Moffat-as-showrunner episode – I have to confess I didn’t enjoy this as much as Day of the Doctor, say.)

    I’m 100% with Ben on the ‘big controversy’ (to be honest, when you introduced the ‘big controversy’ I assumed you were going to talk about the Movellans…). It’s so not an issue it’s not even something to argue.

    On the question of whether Bill should have called the police in the flat, or indeed calling out the Doctor on appearing in the photographs, I think you don’t appreciate the inhibitions of the Brits – even one who wears her heart so much on her sleeve! Would we risk phoning the police to have them storm in and find Mum’s boyfriend/an empty shower cubical? The embarrassment would be far worse than merely getting murdered in our bathrooms. (Although the point that those of us who are 6’2″+ may have a different take on this is very well made.)

  2. I’ll tell you what worries me about Bill being lesbian…. That the next doctor could be female, and then for that whole doctor-companion romance thing to happen again!

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