311 – Doctor Who – Smile

The Doctor takes Bill far into the future to one of Earth’s first colony worlds, but what’s happening there isn’t something to smile about – but they’d better.

Ben and Eugene discuss Smile.

4 thoughts on “311 – Doctor Who – Smile”

  1. Forgive me, I’m commenting half way through the episode again – because I have to stop listening for a bit, and need to offload a couple of thoughts from my head.

    On the arc thing, I’m in agreement that the vault thing isn’t likely to get in the way. But in terms of comparisons with other arcs, firstly Impossible Astronaut season remains my favourite, so when you say it didn’t work, well it did work for at least some people! But more fundamentally, that was a proper plot-arc (or an attempt at one, if you want to argue about it). Does it make sense to compare a plot-arc to character development and the more recent development of having a setting? i.e. the development of Clara/Doctor relationship (like it or not) is more analogous to the Bill/Doctor relationship we’re getting now (and we definitely do like it) than to the vault story. And the character development, while stronger now, is not a 21st century thing either (think Tegan, think Turlough, think Ace). These characters do now seem to come with a setting (the Powell Estate, Leadworth, Coal Hill School etc.) and that’s St Luke’s now, where the vault it located. In story terms, the vault ‘arc’ is providing very little service in terms of the plot and is for now more like a fixture of the setting (like, um… Jackie Tyler, or the duck pond in Leadworth). While we’re unpacking these various forms of ‘arc’ I’ll add another category for ‘Bad Wolf’. Let’s call that, um… a ‘marker’ arc (think dogs). A couple of words or an inconsequential line inserted into previous episodes mark them as part of the season preceding the finale. The ‘Missy’ arc is another example (albeit more intrusive, unfortunately, than Bad Wolf).

    On the emojibots, is it credible that hugely more complex and powerful technology could have a vastly simpler interface? Let me think about that… *glances at iPhone*

  2. Oh, I’m sorry if you’d expect me to recognise the Millenium Centre. I haven’t ever noticed it! But then I can miss corridors at work that I walk down regularly, or buildings that I pass every day, when they appear i Doctor Who. If the narrative tells me it’s the White House, or New York, I just don’t question it… The only time I spot it is when I’ve actually seen them filming it.

    1. Well, yes, I would expect you to recognize major landmarks in the city you live. I was; however, referring to the exterior, not the corridors and halls.

      Heck, I’d even expect myself to recognize major Phoenix landmarks if i saw them on TV. If there were any!

      Actually, I did recognize several locations used in Phoenix’s most famous film: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – the mall, the high school, the water park and the convenience store

      1. Oh yeah, even I’d recognise the Millennium Centre exterior. I’d thought you were referring to the interior for some reason.

        Long time since I saw B&T’s EA. Better watch it again!

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