313 – Blakes 7 – Headhunter

A brilliant, arrogant scientist creates something that kills him and plans to dominate the entire galaxy.

It’s just another day for the crew of the Liberator as they battle the oldest tropes in Science Fiction.

Ben and Eugene discuss Headhunter.

One thought on “313 – Blakes 7 – Headhunter”

  1. When young me saw this episode in 1980 it only took three seconds to start shouting at the TV “That’s not Muller! That’s a robot!” Did the director really think anyone was going to be fooled?

    Orac is helpful! Soolin does something! Wonders will never cease.

    I wonder how difficult it was for the BBC to create the _adorable_ computer countdown that takes several seconds to display each digit. It really underscores just how long ago Blakes 7 was.

    Those motorcycle helmets as space helmets just aren’t cutting it.

    Although Soolin’s “You wouldn’t know where to begin” was good, Avon again gets the best line: “Tarrant, what have you got up there apart from yourself, a half-wit and a corpse?”

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