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317 – Space: 1999 – Dragon’s Domain

Tony Cellini has a problem – either he’s an arrogant, incompetent bungler that destroyed the Ultra Probe or he’s an unlucky sod that’s psychically tied to a nasty space alien that wants to eat his life force.

It doesn’t really matter which because he’s Koenig one true man-crush.

Ben and Eugene discuss Dragon’s Domain.

One thought on “317 – Space: 1999 – Dragon’s Domain”

  1. I completely agree with giving this a thrashing for its failure to comprehend distances in space. As a child watching this I was painfully aware of these gaffes. I think a lot of other kids were equally bemused. Given the high profile of space exploration in the 60s and early 70s, you’d think scriptwriters in ’75 would have been aware of the issues. Perhaps in the tussle between story and logic, story always came first, second and third.

    I’d like to know why none of the crew of those derelict ships had access to tomahawk technology. Why has the monster survived for so long when you just need to whack it in the eyeball to kill it?

    I’ve often heard Space 1999 fans describe this episode as the most pants-wettingly terrifying moment of their childhood. Watching this in 76(?), I was completely onboard with it until the monster materialised. For me, it was the worst-tentacle-moster-ever (and I include the creatures from The Green Slime in that!). It was made worse by the comedic fairground ghost train effect of crew member goes in, steaming skeleton comes out.

    The problem is that the story attempts to include a Lovecraftian Horror, and they can never translate to film. On the page, it’s brilliant. On screen, it can only disappoint.

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