321 – Doctor Who – The Eaters of Light

There are creatures that eat light. There are Picts and Romans. There is the Doctor, Bill and Nardole.

Throw them all together and a story just writes itself, doesn’t it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Eaters of Light.

One thought on “321 – Doctor Who – The Eaters of Light”

  1. Another interesting discussion – even if I did agree with almost everything you (or at least, Ben) said this week. Though I do take issue with your assessment of Survival which is completely upside down – it’s better than this, but in season 26 it’s up against Battlefield, Ghostlight and Fenric which are all better, even though it is very good. It’s just a strong season.

    Skipped ahead a bit when you discussed Broadchurch, just in case of spoilers, but serials is something that is on my wishlist for the Chibnall era, though I have no idea what he has said about it. I do agree that you have to see what kind of a performance your actor gives you and adapt to it…

    Puzzled as to why the Doctor being in the gateway for two days is any sort of problem… why do you assume it didn’t open on the intervening day?

    Not sure why there would there be ‘at least’ a year for the Doctor to solve a problem – I can see it would be almost a year but surely it would have to be less 361 days or so at the most?

    Your point about the lifespan thing is interesting – I’d just assumed on watching that it was about perception rather than time dilation (e.g. you age at the outside world rate) but thinking about this, wouldn’t the Doc as a Time Lord be sufficiently sensitive to register this? So though I let it pass when watching, I no longer think it makes sense. More with the stupid science stick, though this didn’t offend me like the depiction of the behaviour of light…

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