323 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Vampire

A trail of bloodless murders leading from Las Vegas to Los Angeles has Cark Kolchak’s supernatural-sniffing nose for news twitching.

Could the vampire he fought in Las Vegas be prowling the night once more, or is it another?

Simon and Eugene discuss The Vampire.

2 thoughts on “323 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Vampire”

  1. Simon enjoyed this episode! Is this an anomaly, or is he starting to get the groove? Only time will tell…

    The shot of the spasming hands clawing their way out of the dirt at the start of the episode is, for me, fantastically creepy. It weirds me out, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. The series has a gift for capturing the monsterous on film.

    I feel nothing but complete joy at seeing a ’70s vampire. Non-sparkling! Not emo! Not a 400 year old angsty teenager. Not a lothario. Not an 18th century aristocrat battling with the morality of feeding on the blood of the living to survive. No! It’s a hissy, purely animalistic creature with a single driving instinct. So good. So menacing.

    Re. Kolchak’s amazing familiarity with Trancendental Meditation literature. My take on the scene with Vincenzo and Updyke was that Karl really was just pulling a list of titles out of his arse, and Updyke feigned familiarity with one of them in a pathetic attempt to cover his own. Whatever. The trick worked.

    I love the bit part with the *flamboyant* Larry Storch camping it up and enjoying every second of it. It’s a pleasure to have a visit from Cpl. Agarn. Cousin Agarnov. The Groovy Guru! Texas Jack! Larry is still making-the-scene at 94. It makes me want to jump ahead to the guest appearance by Jamie Farr…

    It always bothers me that the lonely, run down, ramshakle haunted house looks to be a palatial villa with stunning views. To afford the rent, being a high-priced call girl/vampire must pay well. How do vampires work the mechanics of renting property?

    Was Faye, Karl’s protogé/ghost-writer, wise to Kolchak’s bullshit? I have suspicions that she knew exactly what was going on and was using the article as a means of getting a free real estate advert. (Vincenzo: Karl, does it really have copper pipes throughout?)

    Like Eugene, my biggest criticism of the episode is that it feels rushed. Interesting plot elements are just touched upon before the story jumps forward. One thing I really wanted to see explored was Catherine Rawlin’s victims. I want a scene where they rise from the dead and join her battling Kolchak. That would have been the opportunity for the MASSIVE Police shootout, which have been a feature of each episode thus far.

    Continuity: Eugene is right. Continuity would be a good thing to have in the series. The only other continuity instnace I can think of is at the start of The Night Strangler where Karl tries to convince a random in a bar of the Vegas Vampire with only the aid of a scrapbook poster.

    I often wonder whether the series features the biggest reset button in all of television. Each episode functions as a standalone, as though it’s Karl’s first experience of battling the paranormal. This may explain why Karl fails to learn anything about monster hunting from one story to the next. (Don’t kick over potplants when you’re creeping about outside the monster’s lair, Karl!) Perhaps Karl did learn something, because he set a great trap at the end.

    Overall, a great episode with fun and creepy in equal parts.

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