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325 – Space: 1999 – Testament of Arkadia

I’m not going to lie to you.  I had a blast recording this episode.  I can’t remember an episode that had so much to talk about it.

Pity, it’s a bit rubbish.

Ben and I discuss the Testament of Arkadia, the series one finale of Space: 1999.

5 thoughts on “325 – Space: 1999 – Testament of Arkadia”

  1. A silly episode, but it does nicely wrap up all that has transpired in the first series. Though the plot is thin, it moves along at a nice clip – I felt no urge to lean on the fast forward button.

    About Luke and Anna’s Protein heist:

    1. How does Anna remember the ridiculous nine-digit combination?

    2. Why does the Protein Store have two round-the-clock guards? Is late night snacking a serious issue on Alpha?

    3. Once Anna gets into the Protein Store, how is she going to surreptitiously shift three years of supplies to an Eagle and then abscond to Arkadia?

    During the scene with the reanimated Arkadians – I know it’s not the case – but I always think “Hey! They’ve lifted the music from Chariots of the Gods!” I wonder if this similarity is more than accidental?

  2. One more thing, even as a kid I was wondering how Luke and Anna were going to repopulate Arkadia when their great-grand-children would be hideously inbred sterile mutants. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Space God to leave a fully powered Alpha in permanent orbit, and give the 300 Alphans a decade to colonise the planet?

    I have a theory that Space God’s intention was to return life, but not people to Arkadia. Luke and Anna are careful to say “bring life” to the planet, but I don’t think they ever mention having children. Perhaps Space God wants them to reestablish plant life and soil bacteria and then die childless, because one or both are of them infertile. After a few billion years, intelligent life reemerges, assuming Arkadia’s sun lasts that long.

    Why play the long game? Should the Alphans colonise the planet, how long would it be before tribes founded by hotheads like Koenig, Morrow and Carter were lobbing nukes at each other, and Arkadia arrives back at square one?

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