326 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Werewolf

Tony Vincenzo’s misfortunes are Carl Kolchak’s fortunes, as our intrepid reporter gets sent on an all-expense paid single’s cruise.  They’re really wild animals on these sex cruises – one of them is a werewolf!

Simon and Eugene discuss The Werewolf.

One thought on “326 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Werewolf”

  1. The Love Boat meets Get Smart meets Laugh-In with nightmare-fuel 70s fashion. Without doubt the silliest of all Kolchak episodes. Not the worst episode, just the silliest, with a great sense of fun. No one is taking this seriously (although Eric Braeden apparently didn’t get the memo, he plays everything so earnestly).

    Karl’s shit eating grin when he knows he’s going on a cruise and Vincenzo isn’t … Priceless.

    Eric Braeden: Dr Charles Forbin and Dr Otto Hasslein! I geek out whenever he appears.

    That awful awful joke shop grade werewolf costume. More JoJo the Dog-faced Boy than lycanthrope.

    Werewolf SMASH! I love the completely bonkers OTT werewolf action, especially when Steiglitz explodes through the cabin door, splintering it to matchwood. Also, the werewolf high-wire act!

    Karl with a shotgun looks suspiciously like Elmer Fudd.

    The idea of a werewolf on a cruise liner is brilliant. There’s nowhere to escape to – nowhere to hide. The claustrophobic setting is why I found this episode so terrifying as a kid. Apparently I missed noticing that the episode is otherwise 97% pure cheese.

    I really want to see Vincenzo on a singles cruise. It’s a pity the producers didn’t have Vincenzo accompany Karl on the cruise in the Scully role, constantly arguing against Karl’s crazy theories but occasionally catching a glimpse of the horror on board.

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