327 – Blakes 7 – Games

Avon and the crew are playing games.  Deadly games.

Ben and Eugene look at the Blakes 7 episode, Games.

3 thoughts on “327 – Blakes 7 – Games”

  1. Not a great episode, but better than much of what we’e seen in Series 4. The important thing to note is – the mine explosions and the bloke on fire are the most impressive effects we’ve ever seen in Blakes 7! Ever!

    Consider a few episodes back in “Stardrive”, where grenades were represented by lametastic video flash effects. The massive detonations here are dumbfounding. Where did they get the budget?

    1. It’s funny you should mention that. For all my nitpicking of TV and movies I’ve watched all my life, I’ve never been particularly aware of the size or quality of explosions. Perhaps that’s why I’m not too fussed about Michael Bay films?

      Now that you mention it, yes, I suppose it was a big bang.

      Reminds me a bit of the time I was watching a documentary on the making of Thunderball. I’d seen the film a dozen times before, but it was only in the documentary that I learned that the explosion of the Disco Volante was apparently epic! Apparently, it blew out windows miles away.

      All I ever saw was, “fireball, ok, it’s blown up.”

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