329 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Firefall

Carl Kolchak is on the trail of a doppelgänger,  the confused spirit of an arsonist and symphony aficionado, who wants to both kill everyone associated with a famous conductor, but also at the same times wants to be that conductor.

His plan involves impersonating the conductor, while at the same time uses sleep and spontaneous human combustion to bring about his nefarious goals.

Simon and Eugene ask, “Does this plan make sense?”

2 thoughts on “329 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Firefall”

  1. I previously observed that the plots were paper thin – now we get the plots for three shows jammed into one. The modus operandi of the spook doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was handsomely entertained by this episode. How often do you get to see a pinball-wizard-mobster-pyromaniac-doppelgänger show?

    Yes, the image of the ghost puckishly taunting Ryder Bond from the church windows haunted my childhood too.

    Again, the monster doesn’t speak. Even when it invites Kolchak into the apartment.

    The problems with the episode’s plot would have easily been solved by making those being murdered be people in the way of Ryder Bond’s success. The spook would have ample reason to eliminate anyone who was an impediment to his looming career.

    My recollection is that a doppelgänger was quite an obscure concept in the 70s. I wonder if this episode was prompted by the 1970 Roger Moore film “The Man Who Haunted Himself”. Moore turns in a surprisingly convincing and serious performance as a business executive who, following a car crash, dies on an operating table, but is resuscitated. Mysteriously, two heart beats appear on the hospital monitors. Moore recovers and sets about his normal routine, only to gradually discover that a doppelgänger has been living his life – and making a more successful and pleasurable job of it too.

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