330 – Blakes 7 – Sand

Sand, sand everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Tarrant finds himself stranded on a planet with a deadly life form AND there’s a lot of living sand around, too!

Ben and Eugene discuss Sand.

One thought on “330 – Blakes 7 – Sand”

  1. I found your discussion much more interesting than I thought it’d be, a bit like the way you guys didn’t hate the episode as much as expected.

    A lot of people rip on the idea of sentient sand, but I think it’s good to have creatures other than bipedal hominids who happen to speak English. It may be that Lee was adapting the ideas from Lem’s book “the Invincible”, which basically featured microbial swarms as a kind of superorganism.

    I’ve read that the line about the girl next door was actually borrowed from real life. Lee found out that the two actors, Pearce and Pacey had actually been neighbors for a while. They both owned house boats that were docked near each other or something to that effect. I doubt that they ever hooked up previously, but let your imagination run wild if that’s your thing.

    Symbolism: doesn’t Servalan crush a cube shaped water vessel at the end? So this means that the added, softer dimension to her character has been crushed and won’t be seen again?

    On the subject of imagery, the image of Servalan and Tarrant producing and surrounded by a gaggle of kids made me think of the monty python sketch/song “every sperm is sacred”, then I couldn’t remember how the lyrics went exactly and found myself substituting those words into that Queen song, in place of “nothing really matters (to me)”. There’s a bizarre ear-worm for y’all. 😉

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