331 – Space: 1999 – The Exiles

A swarm of space bees arrives at Moonbase Alpha…  no wait, that was an episode of the Starlost, wasn’t it?

Some missiles attack Moonbase Alpha…  no, that’s not right.

Exiles arrive at Moonbase Alpha, and like immigrants from anywhere, John Koenig welcomes them with open arms and a concealed laser gun.

Ben and Eugene discuss the Exiles.

4 thoughts on “331 – Space: 1999 – The Exiles”

  1. Hmmmm… Where have we previously seen:
    + High-tech lab
    + Nervous bomb technicians in hazmat suits
    + Mysterious Space Bomb
    + Space Bomb is made out of people!
    That’s right … UFO! A third of this episode recycles a key scene from Gerry’s UFO episode “The Sound of Silence”.

    We need some sort of index or metric to measure how hard one cringes while watching the light-hearted/humorous scenes injected into the show. Did I cringe harder during the Two Helenas scene, or the Hey-Guest-Actress-we’re-casting-you-as-a-HAG! scene?

    Maya’s Space Yeti makes another (thankless) appearance. This time it was fully lit, so we could appreciate the gorilla costume was green, underscoring the freakish alien nature of … ohh it is a silly thing.

    How does the timeline work? It‘s 400-odd days out from 13 September 1999 – so late 2000. Koenig was a Space Cadet on a Venus mission. Say, 15 years (minimum) from Space Cadet to Moonbase Commander. So, Earth had a space station around Venus in 1985? Eight years after the episode aired?

    My God … the lighting on this episode was horrible! The actors are constantly standing in shadow, or casting hard shadows on the set and each other. In a couple of first season episodes I described the lighting as one of the stars. It’s hard to believe this is the same show.

    It’s nice that they went to the expense of making a custom space suit for Zova, who appears to be all of 4 feet tall. It hadn’t really registered with me previously that Koenig murders her in cold blood. Creepy.

    Last episode, I quipped at Fred Freiberger’s expense, but I do respect that he worked hard to make every show he was attached to the best it could be. It’s just that he was, perhaps, not the right choice for the job.

    Despite all of the above, I was entertained by this episode. What more could I ask for?

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