333 – Blakes 7 – Gold

There’s gold in them thar… umm… spaceships, and Avon and a “pal” have a plan to liberate all that lovely money for themselves.

But there’s someone else who has other plans for them.

Ben and Eugene discuss Gold.

2 thoughts on “333 – Blakes 7 – Gold”

  1. My thought on the ORAC issue: I think a lot of the writers grabbed onto the idea of him having a mind of his own, pursuing his own agendas and not often wanting to help. In other words, they make him more of a character and less of a magic wand.

  2. Re. Keiller winding up dead. I assumed that Servalan just did her standard murder-anyone-who-can-identify-her. Keiller had been part of the presidential staff, although I find that difficult to believe.

    Yes! The Star Princess is that rarest of beasts, a good ship design on Blakes 7. After four seasons, the only ships which have impressed me have been the (wonderful) Liberator, the Star Princess, the Wanderer Class ship and (perhaps) the London. It’s a strange shortcoming for such a show.

    Re. ORAC’s chuckle. Given how well the writer understood the rest of the show, I wondered whether it was an indication that ORAC was evolving into something … greater. I actually think it was just a throwaway hook to set up the closing dialogue.

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