334 – Space: 1999 – One Moment of Humanity

Help, I’m trapped in a bottle being forced to watch episodes of Space: 1999, and they’ve put on One Moment of Humanity.

I’m afraid I might go out like a Christmas Light!

Oh, but I’m obligated to say…  Ben and Eugene discuss One Moment of Humanity.

5 thoughts on “334 – Space: 1999 – One Moment of Humanity”

  1. Yeah, its silly, and in some cases, not even very original (such as the fake base thing, done before in this show, also Star Trek, and twice with Lost in Space). And the stupid “robots all connected in series” thing was done by Star Trek (badly) in “I, Mudd.” Why in the world would such a highly advanced civilization design a system that way?

    However, I’m entertained by some of it anyway. The costumes, sets
    and smooth jazz Shakespeare at least have some artfullness to it.

    But..if you didn’t like this one..then uh oh! Maybe one or two good ones in the next few, but mostly, season two was better towards the very end (but not great).

    1. Agreed. Series Two has its rough spots, and a few bright ones.

      What I really find interesting is trying to get into the heads of the writers and producers and figure out just what the hell they were thinking. Why come up with these SciFi concepts and then give them such a short shrift? Who were they listening to when they made the changes that they made? How many times will they completely fail to visit a planet and fail to leave the moon?

      Sometimes a re-examination of something we loved as children doesn’t stand up when looked at anew.

  2. In case anyone is wondering where you can find Space: 1999 (no longer on Hulu), I think every episode is now at archive.org. Can actually find quite a lot of sci fi there.

    1. Yes, we were surprised to find that Space: 1999 had disappeared from Hulu. Glad I’d previously bought them on DVD, but Hulu was more convenient. 🙁

      Good to know about archive.org. I’m rather surprised – they surely haven’t lapsed into public domain!

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