S005 – Star Trek Discovery – The CBS All Access Conundrum

Time for one of our rare “sidecar” episodes!  During our discussion of Star Trek Discovery, we turned our attention to the delivery mechanisms and the economics of the newest Star Trek series.

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One thought on “S005 – Star Trek Discovery – The CBS All Access Conundrum”

  1. I have not only cut the cord, but refused to subscribe to a streaming service. My only video content comes from DVDs, blu-rays, and the video websites. Increasingly my viewing has consisted of old movies, often foreign ones.

    Also, the guys at Trekyards (at YouTube) keep me informed of the content of episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery.” Based on what I have learned, I have concluded that “The Orville” (available slightly sped up at YouTube) is the superior series, not that it is without its issues.

    You are correct; CBS has not been handling the “Star Trek” property well. Also, the reboot movies are, taken together, travesties, worse than the worst of prime universe movies.

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