337 – Blakes 7 – Orbit

When you’re an outer space outlaw and revolutionary, it’s all about knowing who’s got you back.  This week, Vila learns who he can trust to keep him alive as he and Avon share an orbit.

Ben and Eugene discuss this, the 50th episode of Blakes 7, Robert Holmes’ Orbit!

2 thoughts on “337 – Blakes 7 – Orbit”

  1. The look on Avon’s face when ORAC said “Vila weighs 73 kilos”, the long pause, the slow reach for the gun – this is the finest comedic moment in all of Blakes 7! I’m sure that Paul Darrow knew exactly what he was doing.

    A thoroughly enjoyable episode, thanks largely to John Savident effortlessly sliding from hubristic pride to infantile glee to murderous revenge.

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