338 – Space: 1999 – All That Glisters

There’s a planet that has rocks on it.  Desirable rocks.  Koenig leads a highly-specialized team of crack rock collectors to the planet to get those rocks, but he soon learns that all that glisters is not Melganite.

Ben and Eugene discuss All That Glisters.

3 thoughts on “338 – Space: 1999 – All That Glisters”

  1. There will be other stupid episodes, but this one was stupid, dull and, yes, as you both say, has poorly written characterization throughout (which Landau was know for protesting—and it was this episode for which he said “We look like such shmucks!”)

    At least “Journey to Where” has action, classic time travel troupes,
    and some good character moments.

    1. I have a deep and abiding affection for Space: 1999, but some days I think it certainly doesn’t stand up well if you actually think about what’s happening. Especially in the second season.

      Coincidentally, we just recorded our Journey to Where episode this week. It’s one of my favorites from Series Two, and yet…

  2. Well, yeah, I didn’t want to steal your thunder by getting into the Journey to Where flaws, but it has some problems, but still is one of the better season 2 episodes.

    I only just got back into this show round about 2010 when I was looking for a copy of Journey to the Farside of the Sun, and then wanted to go back and take a look at Space: 1999 and UFO. I think the only 2nd season I really remembered was “Bringers of Wonder”, probably because it has really weird looking aliens and was the only two-parter.

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