340 – Blakes 7 -Warlord

Avon is courting the warlord, Zukan, to join his rebel alliance.  Tarrant is counting Zukan’s daughter, Zeona, to join Tarrant’s “alliance.”

How could this go wrong?

Ben and Eugene discuss the penultimate episode of Blakes 7, Warlord.

One thought on “340 – Blakes 7 -Warlord”

  1. The scene of Federation guards idly shooting zombies on the escalators is one of a handful which have stuck in my head from when the show first aired. It seemed to be the ultimate distillation of how the galaxy will be, should Avon fail and the Federation be victorious.

    I was sure that one of the delegates to the conference at the start of the episode was wearing a recycled Ice Warrior helmet. I was disappointed when a quick trip to Google Images disproved this theory.

    I was similarly miffed when the end credits revealed that Zeona wasn’t Toyah Wilcox after all.

    Vila. Have he and the rest of the crew completely forgotten that Avon tried to murder him last week?

    There are many moments of high cheese in this episode (including the Federation Cirque du Soleil Ninja Assassin Squad), but the disembodied heads of Zeona and Serverlan floating before Zukan was something the director should have drawn a line at.

    I liked Soolin’s “I am Zeona! Daughter of Zukan!” ploy. It’s one of the few times that Soolin has lived up to her reputation.

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