351 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Primal Scream

Multi-national oil companies are evil.  Well, of course they are – even back in the 1970s!    The Oceanic International Oil company (OIO) have discovered something unprecedented in the Arctic ice.  Something that is now killing people in Chicago.

Carl Kolchak is onto a bizarre series of murders and a massive corporate cover-up.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Night Stalker episode, Primal Scream.

One thought on “351 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Primal Scream”

  1. Here it is, one of the two equal-worst episodes of Kolchak. Even watching it as a kid in the 70s, I came away feeling that my intelligence had been brutally insulted. With previous monsters, like the Rakshasha, you could suspend disbelief as the threat purports to be external to the realms of rationality. Here the stupid hits you in the face like a dead fish and leaves its stink all over you.

    Where is the actual fear and terror in this episode? The ludicrous monster only appears for a split second whenever it attacks … then … FREEZEFRAME! There’s no element of suspense, no violence on display, no consequence to confront you. This is a case of less-is-not-more. The monster needed to do a much better job of showing us why we should fear it.

    I’m not buying Eugene’s theory about Updyke being intended as a gay character. I think that if the producers had intended this, then it would have been far more overt. Updyke may or may not be gay, but it’s not particularly consequential to the character or plot. He’s simply supercilious and up-tight, no further explanation required.

    Jamie Farr! His cameo is the saving grace of this episode. I love the way he fomdles his travel brochures, his only sanctuary from the uncouth hordes of students. Farr absolutely nailed the level of farce required for the comedic guest spots on the show.

    Gladys Kravitz! I say it again … Gladys Kravitz! She’s apparently been transplanted direct from the set of Bewitched. Was her appearance an intentional reference to Bewitched, or did the casting director pull Sandra Gould in because “nosey neighbour” is her trademarked schtick?

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