352 – Genesis II

As if the first story of Genesis wasn’t bad enough, along comes Genesis II – Gene Roddenberry’s tale of a future both destroyed by war and rebuilding with the dream of hope.

Ben and Eugene look at the pilot movie, Genesis II.

6 thoughts on “352 – Genesis II”

  1. Incredibly bland. There’s nothing to differentiate this from any other 70’s rainy Saturday afternoon TV.

    I too managed to conflate Genesis II and Planet Earth, but I also managed to throw Ark II into the mix! About half-way through, I kept wondering why I wasn’t seeing a monkey with a jet pack.

    How does a researcher into suspended animation know how to repair a nuclear reactor and hotwire a nuke? If the series was picked up, was Dylan Hunt to be an expert in all manner of sciences and technologies each week?

    Those tranq-guns work very, very, very fast indeed.

    Is Dylan Hunt and the people of Pax going to die from particularly nasty cancers in six months, given the fallout from the bomb?

    For a sci-fi pilot, it’s desperately short on Things-which-are-Cool. Let’s see, there’s:
    – Sub-Shuttles
    – Ted Cassidy (because Ted Cassidy is inherently cool)
    – Those little electric go-carts you drive around top secret bases in
    – Dual belly-buttons?
    – Tranq Guns?
    – ???

    I was surprised to see General Burkhalter, in a toga, running the slave training school. I wonder if the series was to have him as a key antagonist, having been frozen at Luft Stalag 13 in 1945 by Nazi Super Science, he thaws-out in 2130 with the mission of building the 4th Reich.

    Wikipedia has summaries of episodes of the proposed series. The men-as-pets society gets a run, as does the inevitable bad-guys-in-suspended-animation-thaw-out. There’s an AI episode where Dylan Hunt gets to play Kirk. The rest look like Trek with the serial numbers filed off. Overall, they appear to be more diverse than the endless traipsing from zone-to-zone (à la Fantastic Journey or Planet of the Apes) which I had expected.

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